Pifaiada – Symphonic Jazz, Benjamin Taubkin and Soukast

Pifaiada - Jazz Sinfônica de SP + Benjamim Taubkin + Soukast

In 2011, november at Auditório do Ibirapuera.

Brazilian Jazz Sinfônica with conductor João Maurício Galindo invited pianist, arranger, composer and producer Benjamim Taubkin,  with the participation of Soukast percussion duo and Abaçaí Music Center.

Brazilian Jazz Sinfônica +  Benjamim Taubkin invests in arrangements that play and appreciate the songs and highlight regional aspects, like Alvoradinha, Tamborim, Olelê e No Bater.

Soukast percussion duo uses various objects and instruments – batteries, barrels, glasses, pans, lids – to build compositions with elements of traditional Brazilian music, as jongos, congadas and Orishas corners.


The concert was performed by:

Jazz Sinfônica: Orchestra
João Maurício Galindo – Conductor

Benjamim Taubkin – Piano and Artistic Direction
Tiago Costa and Rodrigo Morte – Arrangements

Simone Soul – Percussion
Guilherme Kastrup – Percussion

Ari Colares – Voice and Percussion
João Taubkin – Bass
Mazé Cintra – Voice and Percussion
Neusa de Souza – Voice and Percussion
Sapopemba – Voice and Percussion
Verlúcia Nogueira – Voice and Percussion


Image: Paralelo Multimídia, Marcelo Machado e Fernando Fonini.

Author: Maestro Galindo

A brazilian conductor, Maestro Mauricio Galindo is the Principal Conductor of the Brasil Jazz Symphony Orchestra.

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